one patient, one treatment

How efective are drugs?

We believe in personalized treatment

Gene PreDiT is dedicated to the development of a new targeted treatment for obesity. We believe in improving human health by identifying novel biomarkers and new therapeutic strategies that allow for the development of safe, personalized, therefore more effective, therapies, thus contributing to a better prognosis.

  • 10% Patients have large benefit

  • 30% Patients have mixed benefit and harm

  • 50% non-responders

  • 10% patients suffer from side effects (no benefit)


Gene PreDiT has a multidisciplinary team, with background in biosciences and pharmaceutical fields, greatly trained and capable of answering the questions allied with the type of projects the company aims to implement.
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André Faustino

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Joana Branco

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Rita Videira

Lead Researcher

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